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Chief of Police


Chief Jason Covey
(Serving since 2000)

The Chief of Police develops and coordinates the administrative responsibilities to support the
accomplishment of the department mission and provides leadership in public safety for the
community at-large.  Until the 1960's the job of the police chief was a part-time position, most
worked their duties in the evening and held a regular full-time job during the day.  Police service was
confined to the village area of Middlebury at that time.  Prior to the 1900's, the closest thing to a
police department present in the town was a local night watch.

A history of Middlebury Police Chiefs:

c. 1900 - c. 1910        Clay Dickeson                           Grandfather of Richard Nailor of the former Nailor's

c. 1910 - c. 1917        George Chaffee                       Maternal grandfather of George Foster of Foster
                                                                                                        Brothers Farm (died 2005).

c. 1917 - c. 1937        Charles Shaw                            Worked as a meatcutter at Gomes Market while serving
                                                                                                       as the Chief of Police.  Killed in an accident while
                                                                                                       driving a truck delivering meat in Addison at age 48 in

1937 - 1937                Charles Penny                          Served as acting or interim Chief.

1937 - 1944                Ralph Kelton                             Resigned in 1944.

1944 - 1969                Don Williamson                      Ran a bowling alley and antique business while serving
                                                                                                      as police chief.  Came from Middlebury Dept. of Public
                                                                                                      Works to serve as Chief, never worked as a patrol
                                                                                                      officer (died 1995).

1969 - 1979                Robert Van Ness                     Hired as a patrol officer in 1967, appointed Chief after
                                                                                                       retirement of Williamson.

1979 - 1979                James B. Coons                       Lieutenant with the Police Department -
                                                                                                     administered the department during the five
                                                                                                     month vacancy between Van Ness and Watson.            

1979 - 1990                Albert Watson                        Served as a police officer and Sergeant with the
                                                                                                     Yarmouth, MA Police Dept. prior to appointment.

1990 - 1991                Kerry Kirkpatrick                 Captain with the police department - administered
                                                                                                     the department between Watson and Hanley.

1991 - 2023                Thomas Hanley                      Served as a Patrol Officer, Detective and Detective
                                                                                                     Sergeant with the Wallingford, CT Police Dept. from
                                                                                                     1974-1991, prior to appointment as Chief of MPD.

2023- Current           Jason Covey                            Served as a Patrol Officer, and Sergeant with the Middlebury
                                                                                                    Police Department from 2000-2023, prior to appointment as
                                                                                                    Chief of MPD.